The company was founded by a group of individuals having a vast experience from these industries and the goal was to offer the market high quality and flexible products at an unprecedented competitive selling price. Today it is fair to say that the initial expectations have been exceeded many folds.

The core product is a set of patented algorithms that do highly accurate real-time warping and edge-blending of multi-channel projection onto flat, curved and double curved screens. These algorithms have been implemented in a product called Warpalizer and this product is now in operation for its intended purposes across the world.

The Univisual Technologies Nordic AB staff is extremely innovative and hardworking and we take a lot of pride in providing swift and professional responses to all requests. We also enjoy working closely with the clients if special functions have to be implemented to meet the needs of the end user.

We also welcome any suggestions that will make our products better and we always reward good ideas.

Univisual Technologies Nordic AB is in the process of establishing a worldwide distribution network and we urge everybody that might be interested in representing us to make contact.

We have always a few development programs going on at all times and Univisual Technologies Nordic AB will in the years to come introduce new  cutting-edge technologies.

“Our vision is to change the VizSim Industry”

Jimmy Ekman